One of my students stole from me today.

It wasn't so much what she stole (a glazed donut from the box of donuts that my class won for great attendance this week ... YAY FOR MISS MURRAY'S ROOM!).

No, what really grilled my cheese, as Carrie put it when I was relaying the story to her earlier ... the thing that really grilled my cheese was that she hid in the bathroom while we went out to recess, snuck back into my room after we'd left, grabbed the donut, left HUGE chunks of it all over my floor, and then came outside COVERED in glazed crumbs, including all over her mouth, and LIED TO MY FACE. What chapped my butt was that fact that she thought I was stupid enough to NOT notice glazed donut all over her body and the fact that before we went out to recess there were three donuts, and after recess, there were only two.

That, my dear friends, is what grilled my cheese.


Anonymous said…
My comment to my kids is this....
" Do I treat you like your dumb?" And their reply is usually, "NO!" So then I say..."Then don't treat me like I am!" I then get the stammering, himming and hawing and the truth usually falls somewhere in that mix.

Anonymous said…
LOL you make me laugh, it would have chapped my butt too! =)

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