I'm out of the woods and safely home and no damage done to this 36-year old body.

Team Building with the Second Street Team? Let's call it a success!

Thankfully, the good Lord knew which team to put me on, and I didn't end up on the team that did the trust fall. I'm not that trusting, I guess.

I was in a group of all women, and there was this one time that we had to balance on a board ... the whole wad of us ... well, let's just say, we all got to know each other much more than any of us thought we would.

Joe hooked Erin up with some sort of headlamp device so that she could maneuver in the woods. Apparently, the Great White Hunter uses it for hunting. Seriously!? If the turkey hoodie thing isn't ridiculous enough, you're going to slap that headlight thing on your head?


It did come in handy for making our way around the area, so I guess I've got to give Joe props!

The highlight, for me, was the bonfire. There is nothing better in this world than a bonfire ... okay, well, maybe there's stuff better, but I sure do love a bonfire. The only thing missing were the S'mores, oh, and my hot dog wasn't nearly black enough, but hey! It was fun!

Travis, our boss, had us go around the fire and tell something about ourselves that no one knew. This was hard because those things I keep very close to me are kept there for a reason. You've got to be a pretty special person to be able to look deeply at those items. But for the most part, I'm an open book. So, my sharing was rather lame. Travis' whole purpose was to have us do things we really didn't want to do, which can be likened to stuff at work. Someone is going to ask you to do stuff you may not want to do. That's life.

The message was good, and loud and clear. We gotta work as a team.

Right about now, Carrie is cursing me for managing to land in such an awesome position, and you know what, Shanny, I count my lucky stars every single day for managing to land here in Kentucky.

As I said last night, if ANYONE would have said five years ago that I'd be living in Kentucky and loving it, I would have laughed in their faces. But here I am, livin' it, lovin' it, and feeling very, very blessed.


Anonymous said…
You know me too well!! But I am glad you are happy..even if I wish you were here "happy" with us.
Megan said…
I miss you too, dude! Hugs!!!!
Anonymous said…
Glad you survived, and I'm glad you're happy too!


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