ME: "Mr. H., this is Miss Murray. I'm sorry to disturb your meeting, but I was wondering if you had made arrangements for my students for gym? We're waiting up here at the gym."

Long pause ...

MY PRINCIPAL: "Ah, yes. They're to walk to the Capitol barefoot."

ME: Not able to talk because laughing, but managed to press the button so am now laughing into the radio ...

MY PRINCIPAL: "Miss Murray, someone will be right up."

ME: Still laughing ... "Thank you."

Later on in the day ...

ME: "So, Mr. H. I was just wondering. Is the Walking to the Capitol Barefoot part of the PE Core Curriculum? Or does that fall under the 'Sometimes there's gonna be things I ask you to do that you aren't gonna want to do' category you were talking about at the team building exercise? I'm just wonderin' ..."

MY PRINCIPAL: "Very funny."


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