For months, I've been complaining that I live like a pig ... in filth and disorganization. This morning, at 6 a.m., for some inexplicable reason, I'd had enough, and I started purging ... right through the 9 a.m. hour ... that golden hour when I need to jump in the shower and get ready for church. Yeah ... worked right through church. Actually, I'm still working ... just taking a break right now to clear the dust from my nose and eyes ... and possibly grab a quick shower.

So far, I have one garbage bag full and another one on its way to being filled ... five more ready to be filled with Goodwill items, and a guest bedroom that will, hopefully by this evening, be cleaned, organized, and looking more like a room and less like a repository for all things useless.

Here's a photo of my master bedroom "suite" with all the bills I've let stack up over at least an 8-month period. In this photo, they are all in their respective piles and are ready to be filed. Yes, it's shameful, and somewhere out there my mother has developed a nervous tic and my sister has an unexplained rash ... just because they viewed this disaster.


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