At my complex, I get two parking spots. They're mine. I pay rent that allows me those two spots.

The people across the street get a garage and room in their driveways for two cars. Plus, they have the entire side of a street to park on.

I get so tired of their visitors thinking they can come over here and park in our spots! Tonight, I'd parked in the middle of my spot, because of the snow, and this lazy woman, parked her ram-shackled mess of car RIGHT UP AGAINST MY TRUCK. So, I hung myself out of my upstairs window and shouted, politely, "EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! You can't park there. These parking spots are for this building, and you're parking in my spot. You can't park there."

She was not happy, but too darn bad! I get two parking spots with my rent, and if visitors want to reimburse me for that spot, okay. Otherwise, stay out!

Ahhhh! Feels good to put the parking smack down on these people!


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