I've been lazy. Yes, I will admit it. I've been lazy when it comes to saving money and figuring out ways to save money, for that matter.

My mother and sister are doing the happy dance in their respective seats right now while singing, "I told you so, I told you so," by the way.

But it's true. I didn't want to create a budget because it meant sitting down and ACTUALLY CREATING IT. I didn't want to think about utilizing a bit of discipline because that meant I actually had to use time on that process. Time I didn't have ... time I used for other productive ventures like killing brain cells on Bret Michael's Rock of Love. Yeah ... sad, right?

Then I was laid off ... you might remember that dark period in my history? And well, money was practically non-existent, and because I'd been not frugal to begin with, I ended up racking up some debt ... debt that I still have, three years later.

At the beginning of the year, I decided there were things I wanted to do ... like get my masters degree and get rid of my credit card debt and buy a condo in a nice, gated community and go on a Caribbean vacation and stuff like that, and the only way I was going to accomplish those goals was to SAVE MONEY.

So, when my church offered the FINANCIAL PEACE class, I jumped, okay, hopped slightly, at the chance to take the class. Lessons 1 and 2 were like torture. In my mind, I couldn't reconcile the fact that I needed to actually put time and brain power into this process. It wasn't going to magically materialize on my dining room table, no matter how hard I wished it to be so. However, Lesson 3, when Dave Ramsey introduced forms that look suspiciously like office supplies (which I LOVE), I was suddenly bitten by the bug.

Then, I happened to catch Oprah's show on saving money. A woman took a $127 grocery bill and whittled it down to $37 by using a bit of old-fashioned ingenuity, coupons, and ... sit down for this, mother, time and planning! Suddenly, the need to save money and pay as little for my groceries became a game ... a game I wanted to win!

And so begins my journey down the road of ONE FRUGAL CHIC. My plan is to save a ton of money and have fun doing it in the process.

Mother, are your buttons popping off from sheer pride?


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