It's as if I have some freakish radar sending out continuous beeps all day long ... some sort of code for "Megan is trying to be productive in her life ... throw as many wrenches in that clock's works as you possibly can!"

Today, I decided I would work at school until 5 p.m. and then not take one single bag home. Well, the network went down (why must we take the network servers down WHEN ALL THE TEACHERS ARE TRYING TO GET THINGS READY FOR THE NEXT DAY!?!??!?!? I DO NOT GET THIS!!!). Two people stopped by to talk about very important education stuff, and I spent the better portion of 20 minutes sifting through emails.

When it was all said and done, I left school at 5 p.m. with TWO bags and nothing accomplished!

I absolutely LOVE days like these!


Elly Gilbert said…
I resemble this remark! I did FINALLY get caught up on grading and recording last week's work (which was a lot- considering I have five classes). Now, I feel like I can breathe. I'm sure I forgot something, though. I always do...

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