I just finished talking to Carrie. I swear, the girl cracks me up! I wish she would just pick up and move down here already, but I think Tom is concerned we don't know how to run Excel spreadsheets down here in the south. Since he is the King of spreadsheets, the move just wouldn't work.

"So, I'm going down to meet Christy's new guy," I said to Carrie.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. Funny story. He and Christy were on his boat with friends of his, and his friend's daughter sees his nipple piercing and asked him, 'hey, why'da got a screw in your boobie'?"

Of course, Carrie is in stitches as was I when Christy told me.

"That's how I refer to him now ... as the guy with the screw in his boobie. I even told Christy I was bloggin' about it. I mean, come on, you can't tell me a story like that and NOT let me blog about it. I'm just sayin' ..."

"Screw Boobie. That should be his new name!"

"That should totally be his new name! I love it! That is what I'm calling him from now on."

Okay, and it's at this point, it becomes evident ... very, very, very evident, that Carrie and I have spent waaaaaay too much time teaching fourth graders. I mean, why else would I log SNOT as an acceptable example of a liquid form of matter today in science class -- right behind the HUMAN GAS in the gas form of matter entry?


Anonymous said… did Screw boobie live up to his name. I love that my craziness has now also ended up in the land of skittles and zen Megan. I love it!!

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