It was CHICKEN NUGGET DAY in the school cafeteria, and I am nuts about chicken nuggets!!

I did the Chicken Nugget Dance in the lunch line, and my kids all looked at me like I'd lost my mind. While I sort of don't blame them given my lack of any dance talent whatsoever, I can't help it. I LOVE our chicken nuggets!

[insert sing-songy voice here] It's chicken nugget day ... It's chicken nugget day ... oh yeah, it's chicken nugget day!


Elly Gilbert said…
I had a student once upon a time ( a certain red-haired squealy, touchy-feely young man) who came up to me once, practically bouncing with enthusiasm and said, "Mrs. Gilbert, are you as excited as I am? IT'S CORNDOG DAY."

I'm guessing the two of you could debate nuggets vs. corn dogs.
Anonymous said…
LOL I am with Elly's kid. I love the corndogs! ~Shanny

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