Pit stains ... now there's a topic you want to spend hours chatting about, right?

It's the second day of school, and as is the unspoken tradition at my school, the air conditioning, the same air conditioning that has worked all summer, has staged a coup and has refused to work, just when the heat index has reached temperatures far beyond my ability to count or tolerate ... well, not really count, but you can see where I'm headed with this particular line of exaggeration. It's been beastly hot!

Add to the crazy temperatures the fact that my classroom resides on the second floor that faces the morning sun, and where said classroom windows do not open ... humanly impossible to open them ... well, let's just say, that by 7 a.m., I had some lovely pit stains on the new cutie dress that I picked up at Target the other night.

It's an adorable baby doll style in the best, softest, lightweight fabric I've ever worn, and it's really flattering ... all except the pit stains.

I'm going to be seriously upset if those stains actually don't come out in the wash ... considering it was my first time wearing the cutie dress.


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