Occasionally, my ADHD brain actually focuses on one thing, and it's at those times I become almost obnoxious with my tunnel vision of focus. Such was the case on Saturday.

My brain had one mission when I stepped into Kohl's, and that was to pay my bill. So, I was slightly annoyed by the man in front of me that kept walking in my way in his attempt to figure out which lane to get into. He changed his mind numerous times, by the way.

And here is where the story gets all self-aggrandizing and grossly over-rated of me ... as I almost ran into "CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND" guy, I realized that this was the same guy who'd asked for my phone number last year, but then, inexplicably, never called.

He made a very obvious triple take as I tried to side-step him, and I smiled, flipped my hair, and sashayed my way to customer service with the Toby Keith tune HOW'D YA LIKE MY ME NOW playing in my head!

I'm pretty sure he's wishing he'd called now ...


Anonymous said…
Good for you! Great song by the way.

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