I realize that your job is sort of on the boring side, and that, really, you sort of like it that way. Cuz, well, if it's exciting, that means someone is drowning, and well, that's not cool. So, I totally get that you're bored, way up there on that high chair. But, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, STOP PICKING YOUR FEET, and then dropping whatever it is into the pool! Cuz, see, occasionally, I end up swallowing the water, cuz, well, it gets in my mouth. Honestly, I don't really want to swallow whatever it was on your feet. I mean, I have enough issues of my own to deal with, without having to develop some sort of weird funk on the inside of my body. That's all I'm sayin'.


A concerned swimmer


Anonymous said…
To sum this up, is a word from the eighties, "Thats just GROADY!!!"

Anonymous said…
As Cassie would say with quite the contorted look on her face, "That's NASTY!" and I agree.

Elly Gilbert said…
Eeeeeew. Eew, eew, eew.
Anonymous said…
That is DISGUSTING!!! I would report it to someone. I am with Cassie. ~Shanny
Anonymous said…
Yes, I do see that this is gross, however, as I have seen so many times in our own pool here at my mothers.....That is problably the least grossest thing to be concerned with....Have you ever noticed kids who just blow or rub the snot from their noses into the pool? Or have you ever wondered how kids can go all day without using the bathroom? Just another thought to ponder. Yes, I do tend to get sick to my stomach if I really think about what all is truly floating around in a pool.


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