As a teacher, you get a certain amount of lovely gifts each year from your students. Sometimes, it's the Year of the Candle. Sometimes, it's the Year of the Christmas Tree Ornament. And sometimes, as it was this year, you have the Year of Miss Murray Looks Skinnier, Gotta Fatten Her Up With Lots of Sweet and Yummy Treats.

Take for instance the container of fudge you see here. This, ladies and gentlemen, was presented to me on a dinner plate! Near as I can tell, it's Rocky Road Fudge as it has marshmallows AND walnuts, and it's divine, which means my future as a heart patient has been secured!

Just to gain some perspective on the shear volume of fudge, I also took a shot of the container I placed it ALL in with the rest of my stove included. Again, perspective is everything!

My mother called last night to see if I'd survived the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL BEFORE CHRISTMAS BREAK (survival is always some what questionable on those days), and I announced that I was bringing home the two container of cookies and large container of fudge.

With what can only be described as a disgusted tone to her voice, my mother said, "Oh Meg. You did this to us last year!"

"Oh what I brought home last year doesn't compare to what I will be sharing this year!"

"Great ..." she grumbled.

So, mother, here's a sneak preview. I figure if I spread the wealth, I'm also spreading the overall weight gain out as well. I'm relatively sure that is how this sort of stuff works ...


Mom said…
And I will just say, the fudge is DELICIOUS! and I will enjoy every calorie it puts in my body :)

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