Well, I've done it again. I've managed to have an incredibly relaxing time in Michigan, and I find myself thinking, "WAIT! I was going to call this person or visit that person ...."

For all of you that I said I wanted to see and didn't, I am sorry! There isn't enough time in my days when I come home to Michigan. There's too much to do ... too much not to do ...

My main goal, which has been my main goal every time I make it up this way lately, was to sit, relax, not think about work, read my brains out, eat, eat, and eat some more, diet and exercise program be damned!

So, let's review my check list a moment,

Read my brains out? Check! I've read a total of 7 magazines, cover to cover, and one and a half books. Book reviews are forthcoming!

Sit? Check! I've sat A.L.O.T. So much so that I think my butt has permanently molded to the Lazy Boy chair in my parents' living room.

Not think about work? CHECK! I've checked my email, only because the person watching my cat only has my work email, but other than that, I've not thought about work one little bit. Well, I take that back. I had one moment this morning when I thought, "oh crap! I'm going to have to go back soon ... and Spring Break's a long way off!"

Eat, eat, and eat some more? Triple check! Thankfully, the scales said that I've only gained 2.5 lbs. I think I've fallen in love with my parents' scales, so they may be coming home with me in my suitcase! At any rate, 2.5 lbs, I can live with. I will be back into a routine the moment I hit the border of Kentucky, and I will fight to keep my life in some sort of routine, so help me!

Which leads me to another topic ... New Year's Resolutions ...

I hate them! I never keep them! Mainly, because I'm bad at keeping unattainable goals. However, this last year, I decided to put into place things that I thought would be easy to manage. I will blog more about that later on, but I've been thinking, and I believe I'm ready to unveil some new ones for 2009 ... Megan-style.

Be watching for them ...

Also, I will be reviewing my list of THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I'M 40. I won't share all my items, but I will reveal some of the things I want to do ... and see what things I might have already accomplished ... although, I doubt it is very many.

To tie this all up, this rambling stream of consciousness, I want to say that while I'm sad to say good-bye to another Christmas season, I'm not sad (that makes a whole lot of sense, doesn't it?). No holiday blues ... no feelings of tension or strife. This has been an amazing time of beauty for me, to get all sappy on my readers ... all 8 of you. I've had one of the Christmases in recent memories, and I will travel home tomorrow with all sorts of warm and fuzzy memories of my time with family and friends here in Michigan.

Happy Holidays one and all!

Post Script ... Photos to come ... random at best ...


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