I'm having trouble sleeping.

Honestly, I couldn't begin to calculate when the last time was that I slept soundly OR woke up not feeling more exhausted than when I went to bed or woke up AFTER the roosters did. Usually I beat them to the breaking dawn.

Two years? Three? Ten? When I was an infant?

I was complaining to my mom last night, and her very motherly comment was, "You don't do a good job of preparing your body for rest."

"Don't sugar-coat it or anything. mother."

"Oh, I don't plan to."

She then preceded to list all the things I do wrong in order to sabotage my being able to get a decent, restful night's sleep. Mother's are fantastic for lists, aren't they? All my friends that have procreated? Yep! They are list people too. It's sickening. It's like they pop out the kid and are handed THE GIANT BIBLE OF EVERY LIST KNOW TO HUMANKIND, ENSURING THE ANNOYANCE OF THE OFFSPRING.

So, here's ....
Jan Murray's List of Why Megan Isn't Sleeping
  1. "You drink way too much caffeine." (my mother is hitting me where I live with this one).
  2. "You don't prepare your body for rest ... you go and go and go."
  3. "You don't have a set bedtime."
  4. "You probably don't eat as well as you should."
  5. "You drink way too much caffeine." (have I mentioned this one already?)
  6. "You don't allow yourself to relax. Get into bed and read and relax."
  7. "You fight sleep, and then end up falling asleep on the couch or something."
  8. "Your bedroom is not set up for relaxing and resting."
Okay, so it's going to be my goal today and in the coming days, but mainly today, to figure out how to make my bedroom my Sleeping Sanctuary. If you've got some great ideas, please leave me a comment.

I wonder ... that oil infuser I have in my room. It's a citrus blend ... aromatherapy being what it is, I wonder if that's impeding my neurons from relaxing by making them hypersensitive and overstimulated ... hmmmm ....


Anonymous said…
change it to vanilla or a mint
Anonymous said…
I stop drinking all caffine at 2pm. I read until I bob my head, then I hit the sack. Oh, try to clear your head, and resolve the issues of the day. That way you don't have brain run-on.

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