I HATE the craze called Crocs ... I hate the shoes, hate the tacky colors ... I hate the stupid little thingy-ma-jigs you can stick in those silly holes ... I hate, hate, hate them.

I swore I'd never own a pair.

Then I discovered that the company has other sorts of shoes. In fact, let's just call them styles ... actual shoe styles. Cute shoes ... shoes I'd wear out in public let alone in the comfort of my own home. Combined with the fact that my plantar fasciitis is NOT healing like it should, and that every shoe I wear is only making matters worse, I decided to bite the bullet, pay the incredible cost, and buy some Crocs, Megan-style.

Never say never ... why can I not learn this lesson?! When I say never, I end up doing the exact thing I swore I'd never do. What the heck!?

Oh well! The cool thing about these babies is that they will go from winter to spring to summer to fall and back again, cuz I can wear them with or without socks. Now, how amazingly brilliant is that? Now, tell me these aren't cute ... at least a little cute ...


Elly Gilbert said…
I love them. Where'd you find 'em? I so need new shoes.
Megan said…
I found these at the gift shop (old library) of the old Bridgeport Elementary School, now an antiques mall. They are pricey, but oh so comfy. I highly recommend!!!!!

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