During indoor recess today (because the playground is a mud hole right now), I noticed that three of my boys had planted themselves, and my PAYDAY board game, right down next to me and my computer. They were playing very nicely, handing out money, reviewing rules, and generally having a good time. I wasn't all that concerned until I heard the word POKER come out of one of the boys' mouths.

I whipped around to witness each boy throw a stack of "play" bills into the middle of the board, roll the dice, and then either get super excited about the result, or lose everything!

I can only surmise that they were playing some hybridized version or mixture of Craps and Poker.

I must go on record as saying these games were NOT taught in my classroom. I have difficulty grasping the finer points of Yahtzee ... Poker is certainly out of my particular realm of possibility.

This leads me to a very obvious conclusion ... someone at home has taught them?

I shudder to think about it ... considering many of them are still stuck on their 6s in multiplication ...


Elly Gilbert said…
Poker= math and life skills. Both are assessed on KCCT. You are doing a great job! Makin' it "real world" and all....

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