Being the light at the end of the tunnel

I'm still feeling a little stressed .... anxious .... not able to handle people or things ...

This is the second day of a massive headache that seems to ebb and flow. I've been feeling very frustrated by my feelings of frustration ... if that makes any sense. Let's just say, it's a scary place up in my head.

The thing is, there's no real reason for me to be stressed ... I mean, yes, things are crazy in my life. But my gosh! Things are sooooo good in my life, too. I am blessed beyond measure.

Today, I decided ... as I drug myself out of bed, and began grumbling about everything ... I decided that I needed an attitude adjustment.

My principal just came back from a missions trip in the Dominican Republic, and his comment was one I'd heard from others that have done short-term missions work:

"I'd missed it. I'd lost sight of what was truly important and good in this world. And these people got it. They had absolutely nothing, but they were happy, and I mean they were really, truly happy ... content. I'm telling you. I missed it."

And see, I've missed it. If I were really, truly honest with myself, there are many, many times that I could allow myself to be happy, but I don't because I'm too busy worrying about other people and other things.

I've missed the mark as well...

So rather than accusing the light at the end of the tunnel of trying to kill me, I need to BE the light at the end of the tunnel.


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