Unofficially down 11 pounds!!!

This week has been AMAZING in terms of weight loss, and I've not had any time to work out either! BRILLIANT!

As I've said numerous times before, my official weigh-in days are Sundays, but I can't help myself, and I typically weigh every day just to see how I'm doing. Today, I was down yet another pound!! WAAAAHOOOOO!!!

That makes the unofficial grand total of poundage dropped .... drum roll, please .... ELEVEN POUNDS!!! That means, I am only 3 more pounds away from my first 5% dropped ... and my pedicure reward!!!

I'm not sure why, but I was a skeptic that Weight Watchers could actually help me lose the weight. I mean, I have tried everything, and nothing had worked up to this point. So, to actually be able to see progress ... in a downward spiral ... every single day? Well! That just sooo exciting ... too exciting for words!!

My body might be back to normal by the time I'm 40 yet! And let's face it, being excited about 40 is something for sure, right!?!?

To give you an example of how good I feel and how my body is beginning to change, I am in a t-shirt that my friend Erin, who is shorter and smaller than me, wore and can no longer can wear because it's too big. It fits without being tight around my hips, and it actually looks flattering!!

Can I have an AMEN up in here!?!?


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