Sharing germs

Someone has managed to share their germs with me, and I'm pretty sure it was someone under 5 feet tall.

Those are the hazards of the job!

You know, police officers risk their lives to protect and serve. Fire fighters run into burning buildings. I walk into a germ-infested room and surround myself with 15 to 20 sniffling, body-fluid-oozing 9 and 10-year olds on a daily basis. We all have crosses to bear, right?

It happened right around noon today. Literally, I was aware of the instant my chest became heavy ... as if the Fat Bearded Carnival Lady sat down on it between freak shows.

And my throat started feeling ... funny. And my ears started popping and itching. And my body had these odd aches.

Yep, I'm getting sick!


Anonymous said…
That is a GREAT way to put it!!!
Elly Gilbert said…
Someone under 5 feet tall...I resemble that remark!

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