Down 3 more!!!

Sundays are my official weigh-in days. When I stepped on the scale on Sunday, I was down one whole pound ..... oooooohhhhh! Can you tell I was annoyed by that?

After much groaning about the one measly pound, I did do some back-tracking and was made to be thankful for that one pound down. It could have been one pound up, and as long as I'm on a downward trend, that's all that really matters.

I know I'm not suppose to weigh myself every day, but I get curious. So, today, I crawled on, really expecting to see an increase, considering my complete and total lack of control last night.

Guess what!? I was down two more pounds!! TWO WHOLE POUNDS!!


I immediately went into my closet and dug around for a pair of pants I've not worn in a while, and found some that just hadn't fit very well.

Miracle of miracles ... THEY FIT!!!

With those pants, I'm wearing a cardie that use to fit in all the right places. It sort of hangs on me now. YAY!!

Tuesday is officially a good day!


Elly Gilbert said…
So, is that a grand total of 10???? Wooohooo!!! You deserve a prize. At 'real' WW meetings they give you stickers, bookmarks, and keychains. How about a glass of wine?!?
Carrielyn said…
YAY!!! I'm totally with you on sneaking onto the scale... I just can't wait!

Congrats on the loss!!
Megan said…
Yay on prizes, Elly!!! My first prize is a pedicure when I reach my first 5%... which is in just 4 pounds!!!

Cariie ... I'm soooo bad about stepping on the scale, but I do it cuz I just WANT to know! :) Thank you for the encouragement.

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