Getting the hook-up

Today was the PERFECT day to be out and about. I took the opportunity, as soon as I got home from church, to wash my truck as it hadn't been washed in weeks and weeks.

The birds were singing ... the grass was green ... it was a glorious day, and I loved every minute of being out there.

I've not had a lot of opportunity to meet my neighbors -- unless you count the ugly introduction I received late at night on my very first night in this house -- so when the elderly lady that lives next door to me pulled up in her car and rolled down her window, I jumped at the opportunity to run out into the street and introduce myself.

"We're just a couple of old people that live next door, dear," she said to me. "We don't get out much, but I see you often and just wanted to say hi. My husband doesn't see too well any more, and he doesn't hear that good either. So I do all the driving now, take him to the Elks ... he loves to go to the Elks. How are you enjoying your house?"

"Oh I love it! Thanks for asking. My name is Megan Murray."

"Megan Murray. Well, that's nice. Are you from Frankfort?"

"Not originally. I'm originally from Michigan."

"Michigan! Well, now, I hope you are enjoying it here. Well, this neighborhood is a nice one, and most of the houses were built by the same developer, so they all sorta look a like ... like the one on the other side of us. Why he's firefighter, and honey, he's single!"

Insert my laughter here.

"In fact, dear, the man across the street is single too, and I just think he's the nicest man. Divorced with two grown daughters, and he's the head of a bank." She then smiled sweetly. "Yep, they're both single."

After relaying the story to my parents, my dad is CONVINCED my neighbor is getting me the hook-up.

Hmmm ... perhaps I'll bake her some banana bread ... or cookies ...


Denise said…
Oh, too funny!

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