A Cat's Life

It is days like today where I envy my cat's life. 

Were it only so simple to lay around and sleep as much as you cared too, not caring one iota about your weight or your lack of exercise or whether you were interesting to someone of the opposite sex or why youaren'tinteresting to the opposite sex or how you were going to possibly pay all the bills or if you'd ever be able to go out to dinner with friends again or why your friends are always talking about stuff that never pertains to you but you *still* have to sit and listen and why everyone feels the need to lay their troubles down at your feet, but then behaves as though *your* troubles/fears/annoyances/issues are nothing more than the mere whinings of someone who has it all ...

Yes, to be so carefree ... to be so unencumbered by the world around them.  Yep, on days like this, I really do envy my cat!


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