A List

  1. I have a stye ... on my eye lid.  I've never, ever had a stye on my eye.  I fear it's because of an old mascara tube, which I am usually very, very anal about changing.  However, I wasn't so anal this time around and, well, the day I got the new tube, the sty appeared.  I am currently trying to figure out how to get rid of it.  I do not like it taking up residence on my eyelid.
  2. I need to dust my house.  I do not like dusting my house.  Thus, the reason why it is dusty.
  3. I need to finish laundry.  I cannot seem to get that done in a day's time like I use to.  I think I am getting lazy.
  4. I spent part of my weekend changing nick-knacks around in my house.  I have to do that every so often because otherwise, I get bored, and then the house begins to look messy and then I have to clean it and cleaning it is a bummer, except when I am on a manic cleaning binge, and then it's a good thing.  I feel a good, manic, cleaning binge on the horizon.
  5. I need to remember that SPRING FORWARD is this coming weekend.  I will likely forget.  It won't be pretty if I forget.  I'll show up to church late ... or early ... I can never remember which one.
  6. I need to come up with some more interesting recipes for dinner.  I am in a BIG TIME rut.  Like, years and years of the same thing, rut.  I'm bored with myself as a chef. 
  7. I need to find a lovely spot to go and rest.  If only I had the money, I'd take a quick trip to Jamaica ... or a Caribbean Cruise ... eh, nix the cruise.  I'd rather not get stuck on a boat for a week with no functioning toilets and no food.  That sounds too much like my own house ... well, minus the toilets.  They work.
  8. I am dying to get out and weed and work in my flower beds.  I was dying to do that last year, and then that desire died.  I think it was the hot, hot, hot weather. 
  9. I need to get my foot better ... soon!  Research on foot exercises commences ASAP.  I need to get back into my exercise routine.  I am feeling flabby and crabby and not at all fabby.  Did you like my little poetic ditty there?  It's okay.  You can say it.  You're impressed, aren't you?


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