I Didn't Recognize You With Your Shirt On

While sitting with Erin last night at her grandmother-in-law's visitation, a man walked in, and I was immediately struck with the thought, "Hmmm...he seems familiar to me."

You know how it is.  You see someone.  They look familiar.  You can't quite place them.  You know you've seen them somewhere.  It just won't come to you.

I watched him as he made his way to my Erin's in-laws, paid his respects, and chatted.  The whole time, I couldn't shake this nagging feeling that I'd some how been introduced to him before ... yet, I couldn't figure out where ... or even when.

He eventually found himself in front of Erin and I, chatting about kids and jobs, and suddenly, it hit me!  "I think that is their old neighbor!"

I still wasn't completely sure, though.

You see, whenever I saw their old neighbor, he was always shirtless.  With out shirt.  Always. With a capital A.

Cutting grass? Yep.  No shirt.

Conducting maintenance his boat?  No shirt.

Dead of winter?  Yep, he'd be out on his porch, brushing snow off his steps sans shirt.

When Erin had her first baby, I was over visiting one day, and there was a knock on their door.  When her husband opened the door, there was their neighbor, over to see the baby, and guess what?

If you guessed he was without his shirt, you are right!

So, as soon as he'd taken his leave from the funeral home, I leaned over to Erin and asked the one, true, burning question of the evening.  "Hey, was that your old neighbor?  The one that never wore a shirt?"

Erin started laughing.  "Yes!  I'd forgotten about that."

"Huh, I almost didn't recognize him with his shirt on ..."


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