Getting My Organization On!

I spent last week just mentally recuperating ... or vegetating ... or stewing.  You choose the word.  Whatever I was doing, I am not done and ready to get on with the business of getting back to life!

My first priority is getting my organization on!

For the most part, I've done an okay job of organizing things, but since moving into this place two and a half years ago, I've added crap very important household items, and I've shoved placed things very important items in places that perhaps are not the best places for said items.

I am going to attempt the impossible, people.  I am going to try to shove a 14-week program into a week.  I figure, I have the stamina, seeing as I am on Spring Break.  So, why not?  Right?  I just need to make sure that I utilize my time appropriately.  That would not include mindless TV and staying in one's pajamas until well past noon.  That was last week.  We're on to a new week.

Tomorrow, my plan is to tackle the kitchen.  It will get a huge overhaul that will include a good cleaning.  I figure that if I can start at a good time in the morning, I could have it done by early afternoon and still give myself enough time to perhaps tackle another part of the house ... perhaps.

Photos to come ... or at least an accounting of my lackluster performance should my organizational endeavors slip....


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