Weekly Accountability #1

I have been back and forth about the topic I am fixin' to undertake this evening.  


Hmmmm....do you want the short version?  Or the long one?

My sister would ask for the short version.  She's the one that wants to know why you called her, but when you leave a message, she deletes it after she hears me speak my name because she knows "I'm going to ramble about nothing."

I am not sure how she knows this, but whatever.

You're getting the long version. 

To begin with, I am fat.  I wasn't always that way, but I am now.  I've discussed the reasons I became fat on other blog posts, so I won't spend endless amounts of time regurgitating the reasons or issues.  The fact remains, I am fat.  

At 39, I decided I didn't want to enter my 40s being fat.  So, I began weight watchers online, and I lost 15 pounds.  Then I gained them all back ... enter Megan ... 40, and still fat.  


It didn't take me very long to realize I needed more accountability, and so I made the decision to add Weight Watchers meetings to the mix.  That was in January 2012.  I did an okay job ... weight loss is a slow process for me, mainly because I love to eat, and I suppose I am still working through the "living to eat" versus "eating to live" mentality. 

I was sneaking up on 20 lbs lost going into the Christmas holiday, thanks to walking three miles daily, and then I was hit with plantar fasciitis. I stopped the exercise in an effort to stop the pain, and, well, the pounds came back.  So did my uncontrollable need to shove food in my mouth.

The past two weeks have been an exercise in gaining control of my life again ...

... In not making any more excuses ...

... In not allowing the negative that seems to seep into our very beings be the guiding principal in my life. 

In doing so, I I have come to realize that I needed to be really, truly transparent.  In being transparent, perhaps I will be able to inspire others to gain control in their lives as well. 

And so begins a series of Weekly Accountability posts ... 

Beginning weight (January 30, 2012): 229.2
Goal weight: 175
Goal Body fat: 22%
Current weight: 217.8
Current body fat: (unknown ... waiting for the caliper I ordered to arrive :) ...)
Loss to date: 11.4
Pounds to reach goal: 42.8

Weekly Photo Update:

My goal is to eat 6 mini-meals throughout the day, but I am still struggling with portion sizes for those meals.  Imagine that!  Portion size seems to be my nemesis these days.  It's all about the tweaking, and I plan to do some of that this weekend.

One of the tweaks that I will be making is keeping a canning jar in the fridge for cheese sticks (morning and afternoon) that can be paired with a piece of fruit or a veggie for my morning and afternoon mini meals.  Also, I will be creating items that I can put into containers for lunches through out the week as well as my weekly tossed salad allotment in my canning jars.  I think I will be putting my carrot sticks and celery sticks in canning jars for better storage as well.  They seem to store better that way.

I started out with a great food day, but I ended on a poor note.  That's okay. I have learned that I cannot beat myself up.  It does no good.  Each day is a new slate ... clean and fresh.  So, tomorrow, I will begin anew. 

So, there you have it.  My first accountability update ... with all the nitty-gritty business out there for everyone to see.  May I inspire my readers ... it's a journey not a marathon ... and despite where I am, I need to savor each day as each day is a gift! 

So savor I will!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing with me. I have also struggled for years with this same issue. I don't think that I am a bad eater and I am not a junk food junkie either but I sure so have a hard time trying to take 1 pound off. Your story is maybe going to inspire me to keep a log of what I do each day and maybe I will be able to make the changes that will help. I am so limited on the exercises that I can do which doesn't help me at all.
You are doing good so don't beat yourself up so much. One day at a time with God's help will get you there. Keep it up girl.
Megan said…
I am thrilled you are finding some inspiration through my struggle. That was why I decided to do this. It was hard getting to this point, but I've got to say, now that all my "numbers" are out there, it's been the most freeing thing ever! Good luck to you! :)
Anonymous said…
I don't have that much courage to put all those # out there yet, I admire your guts. I will keep reading and try to keep positive and pray for both of us.

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