Spring Break 2013 -- DeClutter or Bust ... Part 2

So, after my Weight Watcher's meeting and dinner, I tackled the linen closet, a place where hair products go to die.

My dad called right as I was getting ready to dive in, so I failed to get a BEFORE picture, but this after picture says it all ... nearly three-fourths of the stuff that resided in this closet is now out in my garbage can!  The garbage man is gonna love me tomorrow morning!

You can't see the top shelf, but it contains extra blankets.  I've thought of putting those in the guest bedroom closet, but that is a HOT MESS right now, and so I think I will keep them right there right now.

Second shelf down is where my hand towels (hidden in the depths of the left side of the closet), my bath towels (can you tell I've not done that load of laundry yet?), my spring/summer sheets (not folded very nicely ... I need to re-do those!), and my flannel sheets (hidden in the depths of the right side of my closet).

The third shelf down is where I keep those hard to contain items in baskets.  The first basket, just hidden from view to the left, is where I have extra soap, extra toothpaste, extra deodorant ... you know, all those things you find on sale at the grocery that you say to yourself, "DAG GONE IT!  This is a good deal!  I have to stock up!"

The next basket contains all my nail "stuff:" polishes, creams, removers, clippers and scissors, and stuff.  The third basket contains my first aid stuff.  Finally, just out of sight, is my "outdoor" container: bug sprays, After Bite (LOVE that stuff!!), sun screen, aloe, and the like.  There was just enough space left over to put my heating pad and ace bandages and stuff.

Below the shelves are my laundry baskets that I use to sort my dirty clothes.  A pretty convenient system for moi!

Last night, I was too exhausted (and JUSTIFIED was coming on!) to tackle my Master Bedroom Closet, so that was the first thing on the TO DO LIST this morning.

I'd just "organized" it back in the fall, but like a lot of organization projects, it needed tweaking.

Here is a BEFORE ...

As you can see, a hot mess!  Believe it or not, I've cleaned out my closet once already, and it probably could stand another go through.  However, I am waiting until I drop another size before I do more cleaning.  It needed an overhaul in the way I organize and search for clothes on a daily basis.

Here is how I ended up organizing things....

The top shelf, which you can't see, I left virtually as is.  It houses wool sweaters that I just love, but which I hardly ever wear down here.  I just hate parting with them because they are so classic.  So there they sit.

The top row of hanging clothes are all tanks, blouses, tees, and cardigans (I have a sickness when it comes to cardies).  I had organized them by color and not by type left to right.  It was hard to get to the stuff to the left.  Thus, I organized right to left. Tanks were first, by color.  Then tees by color ... finally, I organized printed blouses by dominate color, followed by cardies in color.

The bottom row of hanging clothes are all long sleeved tees, blouses, turtle necks, and jackets (I have a sickness where jackets are concerned).   Again, I organized them right to left by color.

The hanging clothes to the right are dresses, slacks, trousers jeans, skirts, and regular jeans.  Regular jeans, you say?  Yes!  I hung those on one of those multi-hanger deals.  They are awfully heavy, but it does give more room in my closet for the other casual and dressy pants/slacks I have.  I decided to do that to free up room in my dresser for school tees and shorts.

I put all of my bras in a white wicker basket on the shelf under the top row of hanging clothes, and all of my camis went into a bin that resides on the left side of that shelf.

My scarves all went into a bin on the shelf above the hanging unit on the right.  Tights were put into a smaller bin and are now stored on the floor of my closet next to my shoes.  I also have a small basket full of rolled up belts, which currently, is on the floor of the closet for lack of a better place right now.

I also have a hook on the right hand side of the closet where I plan to hang the next day's outfit.  That was a great tip I read on a blog (sorry! I can't remember which one!) as I've combed the Internet for organizing tips.  Doesn't matter if it's a work day or not.  Hang the next day's outfit there, and it's one less thing you have to do the next day.

I suppose it is time to work out and then plot and plan my next organizational coup.  I think it's going to be my guest bedroom closet, which, again, I've cleaned out before, but it ALWAYS seems to be a dumping ground for "stuff no one knows what to do with."

Stay tuned!


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