Struggling to Bloom

Whilst on my 1.88 mile walk this morning (how do you like that for some accuracy?), I was struck by the noise amid the silence.

What, you say?  

I know.  It's a delicate contradiction that I speak of, but it's true.  My neighborhood/subdivision was so quiet save for the constant noise of nature.  There were birds chirping.  There was a soft breeze playing against trees valiantly trying to bring bursting buds forth ... oh sure, there was the frequent traffic sounds ... a siren in the not-so-distant distance ... but I was overwhelmed by the sounds of the natural environment.

Looking around, I was amazed at the visuals provided by my natural environment.  Despite winter's stubborn streak this year (yes! Mother Nature is STILL planning a coup early next week ... sigh), I witnessed signs that Spring is attempting to overcome in this battle ... green grass ... showy daffodils ... Forsythia desperately attempting a yellow flourish.

With everything Winter has thrown at her, Spring is still struggling to bloom.

Isn't that like us? 

Women, that is.

Seems like it has never been more true for me these days.  No matter what the world throws at me, I am still struggling to bloom, and some days are a real struggle, lets be honest here.

I am not sure why it is, but some where along the lines of societal change, women shifted into these mean, jealous, catty/caddy (I'm always unsure of the appropriate spelling of that word) beings whose main focus it seems is to spread negative, hateful barbs where ever they are.  

I have been guilty.  I think we all have, but I wonder about the phenomenon.  

Why?  When so many of us are struggling to bloom, why add insult to injury?


I think that's what it is.  If we point out the flaws in others then we don't have to deal with our flaws ... and if we're being absolutely honest here, there isn't a one of us that are perfect.  Not one.  So, why is it that we spend so much time consumed with the negative?

 I walked 1.88 miles and was blown away by the positive ... the absolute beauty of this little area of the world, and believe you me, there was plenty of negative to take in ... the houses whose homeowners take absolutely no pride whatsoever in anything they own ... the ever-present litter every where ... dog owners that allow their dogs to live virtually without human contact in dog runs ... I mean, trust me.  Negative is out there. We live in a flawed universe, despite what science might claim otherwise. 

Working under a dirty film of negativity for the past few weeks ... probably months, if I want to be completely transparent ... has caused me to fall into the grasp of a very negative winter season, and that has stunted my blooming.  

As I type this, there are Cardinals and Chickadees just outside my window ... a window where the sunlight is pouring in ... just twittering away in a happy cacophony of noise.  And it's infectious ... 

And happy ...

And joyful ... 

And I can't help but be caught up in it.

Sometimes it takes being strong, and perhaps flying that freak flag, in order for you to step away from the ooze of the negative and determine that despite the desire to beat down, you will rise above and bloom.

I am going to bloom ... 

How about you?


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