On Being Crabby

I am crabby.

I make no excuses.  I just am.

It's that time of year again ... the time where I get closer and closer to needing a break.  So, yes.  I am crabby.

That may cause me to be a bit of a Negative Nellie.  So be it.

When one is crabby, one needs a bit of Negative Nellie in their lives.  They just do.

Sally Sunshine can just go take a leap off the nearest bridge.  Sorry, Sally.

I *might* try to rectify the situation by suggesting meeting for coffee ... or dinner ... or just hanging out.  Take me up on the offer, but only if *I* offer.  Remember, I am crabby.  Sometimes, it just has to be on my terms.  I do not have to rationalize it.  It just is.

I both crave being around people and abhor it at the same time.  My crabbiness is a study in extreme dichotomies.

I should come with a warning label.

I suppose this should serve as the warning label:  Handle with extreme caution.  Contents under extreme pressure.  Highly flammable.  Highly volatile. 


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