On Being a Dork

I borrowed a few DVDs from my local public library to get me through my WEEK OF THE SLUG, i.e., last week.  I took them back yesterday, and as I was raising my hand to drop them into the return bin, I had the forethought to check the container of the latest DVD I viewed.  Good thing I did.

It was devoid of the actual DVD.

It would seem that I left the DVD in my DVD player, because, really?  Who actually puts those things BACK in the DVD container upon finishing said DVD?  Clearly, not I!

I wasn't sure when it was due back to the library, and I certainly didn't want to incur any charges, so I had to explain my lack of planning on my part to the girl behind the counter.  She smiled knowingly, and after checking on the computer, assured me I still had a week left before it was due back.

Whew!  Dodged a bullet on that one!

My public library is part of a larger group of libraries in the Bluegrass Region taking part in the 1 Book 1 Bluegrass reading project.  It's been advertised quite heavily, and because the author wrote this book in Write a Novel in a Month thingy (something I've considered being a part of for a while now), I was super interested in reading it ... plus, it's gotten some buzz.

I sauntered up to the reference librarian and asked if she had any more of the reading project books left. Why yes she did, and she went about explaining to me all the cool events planned that would coordinate with the book reading event.  Because the events were, in fact, very cool, I didn't pay as much attention to the book, and so when she was done with her schpiel, I made my way up to the self-check out counter, plunked the book down on the desensitizing pad, and set about checking out the book.  Only, the book wouldn't show up in the self-check out computer.  I flagged one of the library staff down to question why it wouldn't, and the same girl that had heard me fuss about the fact that I'd left the DVD back in DVD player, now openly laughed as she explained that the library was GIVING away these books ... FREE.

"FREE?!"  I squawked.  I mean, my mamma told me there was no such thing as a free lunch.  So, you can imagine my surprise and, quite frankly, utter elation.

The girl laughed at me ... openly.

I get it.  I would have laughed at me too.


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