Finally Friday


This has been a week.

This has been a week.

This has been a week.

This has been a week.

Listen, it doesn't much matter where you put the emphasis, this has been a week.  It just has.  Period. End of story.

So, of course, in rare and timely form, my Stye in the Eye, (it gets capital letters and some personification for taking on a life of its own) has decided to whip up a full-blown eye infection.  Yes, that's right.  Complete with puss and ick and redness and itching and soreness and general miserableness. 

If we're using analogies here, then The Stye in the Eye's final number is the cherry on the top of my manure sundae.

What is a girl to do after such fun and merriment? 

Well, for starters, she's going to hang out in the doctor's office with others that are as miserable as she .... on a Friday night .... after hours .... and she's going to pay $20 to do it ... possibly $25.  I can't remember. 

Then, she will go home, to a cat demanding more food, and contemplate her utter lack of motivation to make anything remotely delish for dinner. 

So, pretty much another FUN and EVENTFUL Friday night.

I might not get out of my pajamas the entire weekend in protest to this week....


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