If you are looking to have a big night on the town, might I suggest the Circle K gas station in Henryville, Indiana? I stopped there this evening to gas up before heading across the Ohio River on my last leg of my trip home. Since I'd been in the car for five hours and had consumed a GIGANTIC Bigby's Blend Coffee, I felt it necessary to visit the ladies' facilities on site at the Circle K as well.

While taking care of business, I couldn't help but notice the perfume dispenser. For $0.50, one could choose from a wide variety of "designer scents" including, but not limited to, Sunflowers.

Then, turning to the other wall, you could, for $0.75, choose from two varieties of condoms "in fashion colors." (When I figure out why one needs to match one's condom with one's outfit, there'll be a blog on that as well ...)

For a brief moment, I stopped to ponder what sort of woman might choose to partake in these two amenities in the Circle K restroom. But I saw a big, toothless grin, and a lot of long, stringy hair, and decided it was best not to dwell on that particular brain mushroom cloud.


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