• Bills ... I'm paying them ... this ALWAYS makes my head hurt. I hate dealing with money, unless, of course, I'm spending it. Then, I'm all about dealing with it. I need someone like Carrie's husband, someone who uses spreadsheets and crap like that. Actually, as my sister once pointed out, I need someone to give me an envelope with money and then tell me, "Hey, when it's all gone, that's it. Party's over."
  • Open Enrollment ... DANG IT! My insurance is changing. I HATE when this happens. Why can't they just leave well enough alone? I wasn't complaining. Now, someone in the Great Ivory Tower is making me think about this stuff, and thinking about this sort of stuff always makes me break into a cold sweat, and I've got to fight the urge to get into the fetal position. I'm suppose to ask questions, but I don't know what questions to ask. WHAT DO I DO!?!? That's the question I want to ask ...
  • I'm turning into my mother ... more and more every single day. For instance, today, while shopping, I immediately went to the handbags. That's a sickness ... a disease, really, that we both share. My father has often been heard saying that my sister has the market on shoes, and my mother and I have the market on purses. It's true. I refuse to deny it anymore. I have more purses than I can use in a year. And we won't even talk about the TEACHER BAGS I'm given in a year's time. Seriously! That's another whole blog entirely. So, today, while in Kohl's, I went running to the handbags because, ummm, HELLO!! They are 55% to 75% off! And here's where it gets seriously demented and even more MOM-like. I GO FOR THE GIANT-SIZED bags, and I hear my internal voice squeal with delight, "OOOOOOHHHHHH!! I could shove a lot of crap into that bag!" Good grief, what's happening to me?
  • My closet ... it's out of control. I need to clean it. I need to try every single piece of clothing on in there and decide what is to stay and what is to go. Please, someone, tell me why I need a pair of flowy velvet slacks? The only time they've seen the light of day in the last three years is when I moved them from my closet in Michigan to the box that traveled 300 some miles south to Kentucky! I need some sort of organizational plan too, because here I sit, the QUEEN OF THE T-SHIRT, with two dressers FULL of clothes -- most of them t-shirts -- and a closet that is puking all sorts of clothing options. I maybe need to unload the entire closet and put piece by piece back in after I've really analyzed its usefulness in my closet. But oooohhhhh, that sounds like a lot of work ...
  • My shin splints are acting up again, and, of course, the tendinitis in my heel, that I haven't had in three years, yeah, that's back. WHAT THE HECK!?!??!?!? Black Cat is in a week!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!! My body hates me!!!

Things that are making me smile ....
  • I now have two Christmas presents purchased. That's right. You know you want to be me.
  • The incredibly funny text messages I received today. Made me laugh ... out loud ... in a very quiet waiting room.
  • The sun....
  • The fact that when my friend Elly told one of her friends that she was meeting her friend, Megan Murray, for lunch, her friend said, "Why do I know that name? Oh, I know! I read about her dodge ball accomplishments in the State-Journal." Mom ... Dad, I graduated with honors in English from an elite liberal arts college, and dodge ball is how I land in the paper? Are you sooo proud or what?
  • Gas at $2.83
  • The fact that I'm wearing shorts ... in October!
  • I've purchased a witch's hat to wear on Halloween ... and I take fiendish delight in the fact that, given my mood on other non-Halloween days, I might wear it then too, just to warn my fourth graders that "Miss Murray hasn't had enough coffee today ..."


Mom said…
I take exception to the BIG purse jab! I have downsized and now look only at small ones! (Big ones make my shoulder ache)

AND you are disgusting! Shorts in Octber???? Here we sit in sweatshirts and sweatpants and think isn't it great that it is still in the 50's and 60's?
Elly Gilbert said…
As for your closet, maybe you're like me...waiting for Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear to show up and help you clean it out and give you $5000 to refill it!

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