I went to dinner tonight, and it must have been that the restaurant had Sirius radio firmly fixed on 80s music, because I swear I relived my entire high school (with a bit of middle school mixed in for good measure) my whole dining experience.

I was reminded of dancing in front of my full length mirror, pink hairbrush in hand, while singing along to killer hits of the 80s. I also remember hearing my parents, in chorus, hollering up the stairs, "STOP BOUNCING AROUND UP THERE!"

It didn't matter. I was convinced I was SOLID GOLD material.

That hairbrush witnessed moving renderings of such hits as ...
  • "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley
  • "Every Breath You Take" by The Police
  • "Jack and Diane" by John Cougar Mellancamp ... now just John Mellancamp
  • "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper
  • "Daddy Don't Preach" by Madonna
  • "How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston
  • "Pink Cadillac" by Tina Turner
  • "Little Red Corvette" by Prince
Anything by the following artists could also be heard caterwauled, a my parents so kindly pointed out, from my bedroom ...
  • U2
  • R.E.M.
  • Huey Lewis and the News
  • Prince
  • Michael Jackson
My BFF lived across the street from me, and, at the time, her aunt was living in Thailand or someplace like that. She was able to get Mandy black market tapes of all the latest and greatest ... like when THRILLER hit stands here, Mandy got it from her aunt, and her aunt paid like pennies for it. The amount of times we listen to LITTLE RED CORVETTE and THRILLER ... well, let's just say, it was A LOT!


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