There is one thing that I just absolutely love ... LOVE ... L.O.V.E., and it's ice cream.

Around these parts (meaning, south-central Michigan), you can't spit without hitting a Mom and Pop Ice Cream stand. Shoot! Within a 40 mile radius, I can count at least 7 places right off-hand that I could drive to ... and that's without really thinking about it.

Down in Kentucky ... where I live now? NOT ONE MOM AND POP ICE CREAM PLACE. NOT ONE.

It is a sad acclimation that I've had to make; one that I do go through withdrawals on every now and again. However, Coldstone Creamery helps me make my way through any super difficult ice cream withdrawals.

I just finished a medium chocolate twirl in a cup from the little ice cream stand in Homer, and I've gotta tell you all, it was wonderful! I can't stand to put another thing in my mouth, but OH BOY! Am I ever a happy, happy girl ...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am heading to the fuzzy blanket currently sitting on the guest bed. I'm so cold, I plan to curl up inside it and float away on sugar-laced dreams.


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