Because you can take the girl out of the Great Lakes but you can't take the Great Lakes out of the girl, I insisted we drive the hour and a half over to THE LAKE yesterday.

It was the perfect day for it ... sunny, gorgeous blue skies, a "balmy" 62 degrees. The Lake, i.e., Lake Michigan, was very calm with very little wind coming off the lake. It was perfect.

We stayed the whole day, picnicing on the Black River, walking along the pier, getting sand in your shoes, shopping downtown, and eating the most amazing salad, THE STRAWBERRY PATCH at Clementines (

The best part, the part that got me a bit choked up, was the sunset at the pier. There are a lot of things I don't miss about Michigan, but being near the water ... bonfires on the beach ... watching an incredible sunset ... those are all the things I miss!

Photos to come when I get home and can download them ...


Anonymous said…
Love it! I hope you had on your sweater or sweatshirt on your trip to the Lake. Sounds like fun! I'm glad that you got to go.

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