I have some pretty insane dreams sometimes. I've often said that if someone were to crawl into my head, it'd be a scary place loaded with lots of stuff that will cause intense therapy for all who enter.

On top of it, I dream in color, which, from my limited understanding of dream analysis, is rather unusual.

What does this all mean about me?

No clue!

But a few weeks back, I had an extremely vivid, forceful dream. I awoke from it with an irrepressible desire to write it down. I just knew it was a story waiting ... no, begging to be written. Since that time, I've crafted two chapters, and, I've got to say, it's intense in it's subject matter and the feelings it stirs inside my head.

It won't let me go, and I suppose that's the sign of a good story. So, I'm trying to take every opportunity to write what I can about it. Also, because my "first reviewer," Carrie, has threatened to put me on her list if I wait as long with the other story that I'm STILL working on ... Carrie means what she threatens. So, I'm kinda working hard on this one.


Anonymous said…
Im serious girl...where is chapter 3?
Mom said…
So, must be genetic because I dream in color too!

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