A while ago, I blogged about my awesome shower curtain I purchased. Then I publically asked my sister and my mother to buy the accessories to go with them.

Please refer to this blog post:

My mother decided that she would go and find the aforementioned items for Christmas, only, horror of horrors, all of the items were pulled off the shelves! I was devastated and immediately went out to check the situation out for myself. Sure enough, all my adorable items had been pulled.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I was out doing some early Christmas shopping, and I happened to swing by the bath department in Kohl's. When what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a DISCONTINUED -- 75% sign and eight tiny reindeer ... okay, so not the reindeer. I purchased my wastebasket, curtain hooks, toothbrush holder, AND Kleenex box holder for under $25!!!

OH YEAH!!! I'm doing the happy dance!!!


Elly Gilbert said…
It's a sign from God. Don't know about what, but 75% off signs are always from God.
Anonymous said…
I've been wanting a new curtain myself...guess I better put Kohl's on my list for today! And yes, "Clarance", as I've heard clearance referred to, is our friend!

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