My friend Elly put this comment on my blog entry about taking one for the team: "You earned a mention in the State Journal yesterday for this. No kidding. There was a piece on Family Fun Night, and your principal says, 'I'm really proud of Megan Murray. She was the last teacher standing in the dodge ball game,' or something like that."

So, Elly, you've got to save that article for me because apparently I'm famous for taking one in the face from our very respected Dr. W., and, honestly, part of me is pretty excited at the prospect of being mentioned in a paper for something that smacks of athleticism. But part of me is slightly embarrassed as I didn't have a frickin' clue I was the last one standing to begin with!

My grandmother, rest her soul, clipped out all sorts of articles for and about us kids. Somewhere in heaven, she's smiling down on me, completely tickled that I got a mention in the State-Journal due to my dodge ball prowess.


Micah said…
This is so, so funny!
Anonymous said…
That is hilarious!!
Elly Gilbert said…
I'll dig it out of the recycle bin today.

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