So, I had a meeting to go to on Tuesday evening, and I had to bring a dessert. Because it's been so cold out lately, homemade gingerbread sounded really good.

I didn't have any whipped cream to serve with it. So, on the way to the meeting, I stopped to buy some, except they only had the kind in the can that you spray.

As I walked out of the store, I kept getting this look from a man, which is another story entirely.

After the meeting was over with, I was having trouble juggling everything and decided to shove my can of whipped cream in my purse, where I promptly forgot it!

Fast-forward to the part where I squeezed my purse, and the can starting spraying whipped cream (thankfully, just in the cap), and I squealed, "Oh crap! The whipped cream just went off in my purse."

The quote is way better than the story, right?


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