So, I drug myself to the gym this morning, even though it's rainy and chilly and a really good day to just stay in bed cuddled up under the covers. I drug myself to the gym because I realized that the Black Cat Chase is next Friday. That's a week and a day away, and I've not "trained" for it in two weeks. And well, if I have any hope of finishing it sans injury, I'd better get my BIG OLE BUTT IN GEAR!

Can I get an amen?

So, today, I went and walked 21.57 minutes on the treadmill and walked one mile.

Then I rode 4.36 miles on a bike. I forgot to look and see how many minutes that was, but it was significantly less than the walking business. The knee feels "okay," only because I took two Motrin prior to my arrival at the gym.

Now, I walked the treadmill at a 5% incline because as my dear friend and fellow GIRL POWER gal pal, Denise, pointed out, I've got hills on the Chase route. Better make sure I'm taking that into account with my training. I settled on the 5% incline because that what Caleb the Sadist always put it on at the PT gym ... I figure, he's the expert.

If I walked, today, at 21.57 minutes, and I walked 1 mile, and a 5K is 3.11 miles, then it's going to take me 67.08 minutes to get around the Chase route. That just isn't going to do. Not when my time was 49 minutes and a bunch of seconds last year. So, I've got to step it up for the rest of my training dates.

Man! That's going to be hard since next week is the first week back at school, and it's suppose to be seriously insane with meetings and stuff. I may need to just bite the bullet and get my report cards done BEFORE school starts. Wow! That would be a novel idea, wouldn't it?

Anyway, miles to go before I'm done, but the good news is, I seem to be maintaining the latest weight loss of 4 more pounds ... WAHOOO!!! for me.


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