Yesterday, I cleaned out and organized my closet. I've got a HUGE pile of clothes that need to go to Goodwill now, and some of it, I'm excited to say, is stuff that's too big for me. YAY ME!!

After the completion of said CLOSET ORGANIZATION, I went to shut the closet door and then realized, "Wait a sec. I don't have the first clue where Maddie is."

You see, my cat has been known to hide in closets and then get shut there ... for hours ... sometimes a full day. I wasn't about to clean a giant kitty mess from my nice and neatly organized closet. So, I went in search of her.

I knew she was upstairs with me somewhere because I'd heard her collar, and then I spied something on the bed. Can you see it?

Look closer. Can you see it now?

Yes, that is KITTY BUTT you're seeing. She'd burrowed under a knit coat my mother made me. This is the view from the "front." She was under all of that just purring away!


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