For those of you that have been reading this blog for any length of time (and that's like four of you), you know that I've been dealing with a long, drawn-out knee problem that went all wrong last year ... Friday, October 26, 2007 ... at approximately 7:30ish p.m.

I know this date well, because that was the night of the BLACK CAT CHASE here in Frankfort. While walking the 5k course, that I hadn't trained for, by the way, I vividly remember something popping and then feeling lots of pain, but thinking, "it'll work itself out."

Just so you know, ignorance IS NOT necessarily bliss in all situations ... this being one such situation.

A year later, I am nursing my arthritic knee back to semi-health, and I've signed myself up for the Black Cat once again. Really, I think this is a sort of rebellious manuever on my part to say,
"Hey Osteoarthritis! TAKE THIS!"
Then I take my middle finger and wave it maniacally at Osteoarthritis.

Friends and family think I'm a complete idiot to even attempt this a year after the first ugly incident, but you know what, I'm trying to prove that I can return to normal life and be stronger and in better shape for it. I really, really can! Plus, and my parents will attest to this one, I absolutely HATE being told NO!

So, check out the photo at this link
I'm in the photo ... somewhere. It's like WHERE'S WALDO, only this time, it's WHERE'S MEGAN? I'm not sure ... somewhere on the right-hand side of the photo. If you find me, let me know. :)

For those of you familiar with the area, you might be interested in knowing the route. You can find that here:

Michigan family and friends, while looking at the map, add about three hills, and you will understand the nature of the course ... like the hills on Superior Street and Hannah Street.

And NO!, I'm not insane. Left of center, yes. Insane, no!

My time last year, for my age group, was 49:57.78. I plan to beat that time this year ... by how much, who the heck knows, but maybe I could shave five minutes off of that time? I mean, I'm walking, for heaven's sake.

So, wish me luck, and join my mother (not to mention my health insurace company) in praying that I don't land in Physical Therapy for another year.

Good times ...


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