My BFF Denise says she has a bad case of Helium Hand. You know, the hand that shoots up in the air whenever anyone asks for any help whatsoever?

Yeah, well, I've never had a problem with it before this year, but, now, inexplicably, I can't say no. Ever.

Take for instance the $12 candle I purchased from one of my former students yesterday. $12 for a candle, people! WHAT!?

Or the fact that I've somehow managed to volunteer for Trunk or Treat at our high school football game tonight.

What is that all about?

I can count on my hands how many times I've handed out candy since living on my own. That's like three times!

It's not a philosophical thing or a religious denial or anything like that. I just HATE paying all that money for crap that's going to encourage cavities! Call me crazy.

So, as I sit here and write this, I can not, for the life of me, figure out what possessed me to say that I would hang out on the tail gate of my truck passing out pure sugar to the masses.

MORAL OF THIS STORY: Sit on the stinkin' hand!


Anonymous said…
That sounds like fun! And what school spirit you have. Complain as I may, sometimes Helium Hand can be a good thing.

Happy Halloween! Hey, I loved the card.


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