Well, it's that time of year again. The time of year when we have to put a turbo-boost on all holidays to maximize Corporate America's bottom line ... or so they will pontificate from here until December 31st.

And we ask ourselves why the youth of America are growing up with such a stilted, me-me-me attitude toward "stuff." Or why so many people in this country are in debt ... and perhaps, why, the country is currently in such dire economic straights?

Yesterday, I walked into JC Penney with my mother, and as we made our way through the store, I spotted twinkling lights and merriment.


I'm just wrapping my mind around the idea of fall, folks. And don't get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas. I'm the freak of nature that listens to Christmas music three weeks before Thanksgiving, but seriously, folks. Considering I start school on August 1st, essentially cutting into "summertime fun," I like to hold on to that warm, cozy feeling of "end of summer, beginning of fall," as long as I can. Being jet-propelled into fall, as I have this week with 30 degree mornings, is more than I can handle, and then you plant twinkling Christmas lights and merriment on top of it? I haven't even burrowed through the piles of boxes in my closet to locate, via a sophisticated geo-thermal tracking device, I fear, my "fall decorations." Please don't push Christmas on me now as well! It's not fair.

I've not had time to prepare. I've given no thought to Christmas presents I need to scour the Bluegrass for ... for family and friends. I've not plotted and planned what homemade goodies I will be providing to friends for Christmas.

I will admit that I have procured one present the other day, but it was by a complete and total accident that I discovered this small, little gift. Forced to think about it, I might not have had such success. Of course, now, thanks to JC Penney, I'm forced to think about it, and my thoughts tell me that I need to get while the getting is good, and try to be done ... completely and totally finished BEFORE Thanksgiving ever rolls around. That way, I can enjoy the season, when it finally arrives, naturally, mind you, not by way of corporate Cesarean.

The fight for sanity continues ... where is that rainfall of Skittles when you need it?


Anonymous said…
I watched on the NBC nightly news that they are forcing the issue of Christmas sooooo early do to the economic crisis that we are facing...But, still the leaves have not even changed colors and the Halloween decorations are just getting out of storage..UGH!!!

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