Say what you will about this year's crop of presidential hoopla, it's been nothing short of ground-breaking, I mean, historically relevent times infinity, as my fourth graders might say!

I'm not sure where you stand on the political fence nor do I really care for that matter. But I doubt anyone will walk away from the November 2008 elections and not be a changed individual for having taken part in their blood-spilled right to exercise democratic freedom. For in my lifetime, I am witness to entire groups of people being represented, for the very first time, by candidates that look, sound, and are just exactly like them.

Case in point ... whatever feelings you may have for Barak Obama, I am excited to see that for once, in this great land I love, there are HUGE groups of people that are finally being represented by a man that KNOWS the fabric of their lives. Never, in their entire history, have they had representation like that. Never! I have a dear friend that I know, probably shed tears of unimagined joy at finally, FINALLY, seeing history in the making .. something, I dare say, she thought she would see. I'm so happy for her!

Case in point ... whatever feelings you may have for Hillary Clinton, did we not see history in the making there, as well? Did we not see a woman, A WOMAN, for heaven's sake, run for president of the United States, an office that white, old men, for centuries have said couldn't be held by someone of color or by a woman? For those women that have fought a long, hard battle to crack the glass ceiling, victory was theirs this year! I have another dear friend that put her sweat and tears into the Hillary campaign. Her dreams were so close to being reality.

Case in point ... finally, a woman, that understands the fabric of MY life and the life of my mother and many of my friends, finally, a woman stood on a national stage last night, and represented me, and what I stand for. It's the very first time I've had the privilege to have someone like that say she'd represent me in Washington. Whatever feelings you may have for Sarah Palin, she is my representative. She makes no apologies for being a small town girl that is perceived to be less than cosmopolitan, and she boldly stands up to the political elite, desiring one thing and one thing only, to shake the Washington machine up.

Candidates that look and sound and live like so many of us ... isn't that what this whole democracy thing was suppose to be about any way?


Amy Auel said…
Amen, sister...Amen

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