Treadmill ... walked 2 miles in 41.47 minutes. By my count, that's 1.8 minutes better than yesterday.

Crunches ... did 60 of them. Was going for 100 today, but I felt like crap, and at that point, felt like serious crap. 60 was all I could muster.

Quad weight machine i.e., a sorrier version of the Total Gym at the PT's ... I did 70, folks. 70. At PT, I only managed 40. I hated that machine. My knee was screaming at me when I was done, but Michael always told me that the thing that would make the knee healthier was stronger quads. Not sure if he would have endorsed the 70 reps. However, considering how into pain Caleb always was, I'm pretty sure he'd smile devilishly.

Went home ... ate dinner ... crashed in my papasan chair ... slept for two hours. T.W.O.


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