Mission: To unwind, debrief, decompose, and not think of school at all ...
Achievement? Mission accomplished ... sort of ...

Today, I had a morning to myself. So, I decided to do a little antiquing at some of my favorite shops in the next town over. Oh, I'm so, so excited because I found two more of my spaghetti string glasses at one of my FAVORITE shops called AMAZING GRACE ANTIQUES, and, an even better thing was that I both glasses for $5.00!!! YIPPEE!!!! My collection continues to grow!

I did think of school very briefly today ... when I bought two Mad Libs books for my classroom. Other than that, no thoughts of school entered this weary brain.

I had lunch with my mother, and the food actually tasted good and didn't sit like a rock in my stomach. Yay for real food.

I stepped on the scales this morning and discovered that I'd lost a total of 8 pounds! Yippee some more!

It's gotten cool here in Michigan -- I'm freezing, of course! Darn all the sandals I brought!

The only thing weighing heavily on my mind right now is the awful financial situation our country is in right now. I'm wondering if I should take all my money out of the bank and bury it in a coffee can out in my backyard ...

Other than that, what a great first day of vacation ... I'm beginning to feel a little bit of an unwind occurring.


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