I have a friggin' head cold. I'm not sure if its source is kid-related germs or the fact that everything around these parts has dried up and died, and therefore, is simulating a giant dust bowl. Either way, I've been miserable since Saturday.

Today, I had a day full of sneezing, runny nose, raw skin around the nose due to all the nose-blowing (which will lead to a nasty pimple or two, as it always does), and more yawns than I could shake a stick at.

I had initially planned to go to the pool and swim this afternoon after school. However, I was so miserable that after I cleaned up my room a little bit, I came home, wrapped up in a blanket, and promptly took an hour and a half nap.

While it felt good, sadly, I'm still yawning. This doesn't bode well for the rest of the evening.

This head cold has me slightly off kilter and very willing to pick a fight. So it seems fitting that my rambling diatribe on snotty noses would segue into politics.

I got into a discussion of sorts with some folks centering around the fact that Sarah Palin, the VP running mate of John McCain was nothing more than a ploy to gain more female voters, and how manipulated can that process be?

Ummm ... well, duh!
I'm sorry, but not every one's aware of how manipulated politics are? Hello! What rock has every one just crawled out from underneath?

This is one thing in which both Republicans and Democrats (and all points in between) are equal opportunity participators. I mean, why else would Obama have picked a white, old guy as his running mate? Can we say "trying to make ourselves look more palatable to the entire voting public?"

Listen, anyone who doesn't understand the heights (or lows, as some of the cases may be) to which political machines will go to make their candidate "look good and electable," doesn't really live in reality. While I'm not sure this current political production that we must live with day in and day out is exactly what our fore-fathers had in mind, I'm not entirely sure they wouldn't have stooped to some of the same levels. I mean, come on, it's human nature to be greedy, greasy, and morally repugnant. Politics wouldn't survive without moral repugnance.

That last statement? That's going to get me some hate mail, I bet ...


Anonymous said…
right on! as someone was once quoted as saying " a good politicin? Have you ever seen a white blackbird?"

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